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What is Credit & Debit Card Processing?

Credit & debit card processing is the cash flow lifeline for most businesses. We provide the most efficient, robust and reliable processing services in the industry all at the most competitive price. We can custom tailor your acceptance program, equipment and pricing model to best fit your unique business needs. Our processing solutions will allow you to:

⦁ Receive your funds quicker through a rapid deposit schedule that allows instant access to funds
⦁ Process customer transactions quickly so customers are not inconvenienced.
⦁ Receive best in class customer support to provide assistance and answers when you need them.
⦁ Choose from a wide range of processing hardware and software solutions.
⦁ Be protected from fraud through premium security protections so your business can have peace of mind when processing transactions.

Accept all forms of payment including new technologies!

Accept Apple Pay™ , SamsungPay and Google Wallet™ Apple Pay™ , SamsungPay and Google Wallet™ is a specialized merchant POS application that allow customers to pay for purchases through a contactless payment technology and security feature built into their mobile devices. The technology digitizes and replaces the credit or debit card chip and PIN or magnetic stripe transaction at point-of-sale terminals. The service lets Apple devices wirelessly communicate with point of sale systems using a near field communication (NFC) antenna, a “dedicated chip that stores encrypted payment information” (known as the Secure Element), and Apple’s Touch ID and Passbook.[2] Select Samsung devices can communicate wirelessly through a magnetic imaging process between the POS device and the mobile phone.

Merchants who want to accept payments via Apple Pay, SamsungPay and Google Wallet need to be equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) capable terminals. We are a leading provider of NFC equipment that you can now purchase at economical prices. As your merchant services provider, we strive to make sure that you to have the latest in technology to protect your business and empower you to accept payments through these cutting edge technologies. Call us today.
Near Field Communication (NFC) NFC is most commonly associated with the “mobile wallet” These mobile transactions are typically accomplished through a set of protocols that enable electronic devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching the devices together, or bringing them into proximity to a distance of typically 10cm or less. In one tap or wave of your phone, you can pay for your groceries and redeem offers or coupons.

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