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Why Mainstreet is the Right Choice for Your Business

Mainstreet is an Established Company you can Trust

Most businesses have experienced the “here today, gone tomorrow” phenomenon with a merchant provider. In fact, many companies sell to third party investors leaving unfulfilled promises and commitments. Mainstreet is different. We’ve been in the credit card processing industry for more than 25 years and we are here to stay. We built our reputation one merchant at a time and understand that our highest priority is to you and your business. You can be assured that we will be providing your business exceptional service today, tomorrow and beyond.

2. Mainstreet has over 100 years of Industry Experience

Experience counts. Our managerial teams have over 100 years combined experience in the industry, which means we have seen and managed most every aspect of the merchant services business. Experience also means we are most knowledgeable in ways to keep your processing costs as economical as possible and your business processing services up and running at all times.

3. Mainstreet is a Full-Service Provider, not a reseller

Many businesses are not aware of this, but most companies advertising themselves as a “merchant services provider” are simply a sales agent for another provider and they do not own or service your account. This can leave businesses in a lurch if there’s a problem. Accountability and quick customer service is key to your business. That’s where Mainstreet is different. We are a full-service provider, which means we handle and retain all aspects of your account from the initial sales process to the back end servicing. From A to Z, you will deal with the same quality people who are always committed to your satisfaction and your business’ success.

4. Mainstreet Offers More Equipment and POS Solutions

Our dedicated team of technical specialists is constantly monitoring the evolving payment platforms and changes in our industry. We continually evaluate new and innovative processing solutions. We bring to you the very best POS solutions on the market including the latest EMV and contactless card acceptance technologies. Whatever your needs, we will have the right solution for your business at the most economical cost – period.

5. Mainstreet Knows How to Do Customer Service the Right Way

Whatever happened to true customer service? Long hold times, endless transfers to other departments and untrained support staffs are an all too common experience for many businesses. Mainstreet is different. We proudly employ some of the most dedicated and experienced support staff in the industry and are proud to maintain an average wait time for less than 50 seconds. If we miss your call, we will call you back, same day: no message necessary! As an added convenience, you can schedule a call via email and select a time for a callback that is most convenient for you. You will always be greeted cheerfully and addressed professionally. We put the “friendly” back into customer service and we look forward to hearing from you!

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